Business travel

Business travel comprises travel that is carried out as part of your duties.

Things to remember before you travel

Travellers should check the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ website for recommendations regarding their destination and, upon doing so, confer with their manager regarding suitable travel.

Travel must be approved by the authorising officer prior to booking.

Travel should be booked via the travel agency with which the university has an agreement. Be clear with your needs and requirements if, for example, it is important to keep travel costs to a minimum. Book your travel in good time – this can often mean better prices and more options. Connecting transportation and accommodation should also be booked via the travel agency.

Travel Agencies

Make sure you keep track of travel safety, insurance etc. before departure.

Travel Safety

Here you will also find information about what to do in case of a travel mishap:

During travel

Outlays and travel expenses

Things that could not be booked via the travel agency are to be paid for by the traveller during business travel, preferably with a ‛private card’. Reimbursement for these outlays can be made by accounting for them in a travel expenses report. Reimbursements are made twice a month.

Private Card

Travel and outlays are reported in the university’s travel expenses account system.

Travel Expenses Report

Video conferences

Personal meetings are often important; however, some meetings can be held via video conference. For example, follow-up meetings or intermediate business meetings in different forms of national and international collaborations.

Information on video conferencing - in Swedish



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