Common access card


Where to get your new card

Card station opening hours


Code for your new card

You will receive a PIN code for your new card via email, on the day you get the card or the following day.

Forgotten your PIN code?
Log in with your Lucat/StiL ID on

Access your code and photograph here, together with other stored personal data.


If you lose your card

Get a new card at the nearest card station!

Go to one of our card stations and get a new card made; it will automatically replace the old one in all access systems.

Card station opening hours

If for some reason you are unable to obtain a new card, please contact


When you leave Lund University

Return your card!

When you are deleted from LUCAT/STiL, you cease to be authorised in the access system. In this way, no unauthorised person can use your card.

The card also functions as an identity document, however, so you must return it at the end of your employment or studies at LU. Hand in your card to one of the University’s card stations, or another location to which your department or equivalent refers you.

Card station opening hours


New and old access cards

The new access card looks like the one pictured on the right. In some buildings and faculties, for example at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), the old access system has been replaced, so the new card is already in use there.

All access systems which are not compatible with the new card will gradually be replaced. The old cards will be valid until the old systems have been changed.

For more information on when the access systems will be replaced in the buildings and faculties relevant to you, contact


Do you have questions about the LU card?

Send them to:  

For frequently asked questions and answers:



Who gets an access card?

As a student, a University employee or a person requiring access to University premises for other reasons, you are entitled to a personal access card.

The card will have several functions:

  • ID card within Lund University
  • access card to all premises relevant to your education/position
  • eventually, lending card for all the University libraries



Last modified 19 Dec 2014

Contact Information

Send your questions about the LU card to:

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